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Pricing works predominantly on a fee-for-service basis. However, certain B2B programs can incorporate incentives after a successful pilot program. And some types of B2C programs are available on a pay-per-lead basis.

Fee-for-Service Pricing

Under the traditional fee-for-service option, each of's services are priced at an hourly or fixed-price basis, with many solutions available under a range of rates depending on the level required.

For example, telemarketing is available from $35/hour to $50/hour, depending on the sales and technical skill required, with set-up starting at $2500. Web pages can range from $250 for a simple Web page to several thousand dollars for an eCommerce page, a typical PR program is $4,000/month, and so on. Since each program is customized, the cost of developing and implementing a program will depend your particular needs, goals, and challenges.

We understand, however, that many of our competitors offer performance based pricing. We have found this model inevitably results in a significantly higher failure rate for the programs, unintended consequences, and ultimately higher costs, and so we don't offer it. More problematic is that these programs tend to waste a significant amount of time, resulting in companies missing their market opportunity, and their failing in the market, in addition to reputational damage. Consequently, we don't offer performance base pricing for B2B programs, nor do we recommend it. If you've been burned before by other vendors, we understand your risk aversion. However, we will cannnot compensate for our competitors' failings, nor for the undercapitalization of, or poor decision-making by, their victims. Marketing, by its nature, entails risk. We believe that our model can offer you the best possible chance of success, in the shortest amount of time, and at the lowest possible cost and risk. Unfortunately, doing so is not free; just as no amount of incentive can make it worth our while to draw resources away from initiatives that are properly funded.

This of it this way: If we needed an incentive to do a good job, would you really want to work with us? Of course not.

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