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Executive Appointment-Setting

Getting an appointment with someone who has more time than money is easy. Their calendar is usually open, and they're often receptive to new ideas.

The real challenge is getting in the door with someone who has more money than time. They have multiple demands on their time, and priorities that don't include you. Most important is that they have meaningful budgets and decision-making authority. So if you're in sales, this is the type of person you really want to meet. And we can help.

At, we know how to get you in the door with just about any decision maker - no matter how big the company, no matter how big the ticket, and no matter how lofty the title.

The Rules of the Game

When it comes to getting in the door with senior executives at large companies, the rules are actually pretty simple.

First, of course, is: No BS. These people don't have time for it. Nor do they have time to educate you, or to answer stupid questions. And they certainly don't have an interest in making a decision that could easily be made by someone lower down the hierarchy.

What they are often interested in is what can enable them to achieve the major goals of their organizations, and to overcome the barriers to achieving those goals.

This suggests that you need to know what those goals and barriers are, which means that you may have to do some research. In fact, you may have to do a lot of research - a lot more than the typical salesperson or marketing department may be willing to do.

Senior executives are also often quite "political". They may be sensitive to issues of power, status or perception - either internal or external. And so whatever approach you use will have to be attuned to the subjective undercurrents in the company.

Also, senior executives tend to be "reality-based." This means that they are often sponges for new facts and data that can give them a competitive advantage. This may force you to seriously re-think your positioning and your value proposition.

Finally, we all know that these people are well protected behind barriers of gatekeepers, voice mail, clogged calendars and technology. And so just getting your request for a meeting to them is a challenge.

If you think that leaving them a voice mail or sending them an email is going to work, think again. They get - and ignore - hundreds of these per day. And they're approached by, and they rebuff, hundreds of people just like you every day. So unless you know what you're doing, you won't even be noticed.

The Secret to Success

The good news is that these people still put their pants on one leg at a time. They're still human, and they still respond when approached properly. So we've made a science of how to do it - Executive Appointment-Setting.

At, we can do the research that finds the soft-underbelly of their relevant needs.

We can tease out the decision makers and their real influencers. And we can identify and engage the triggers for meeting, and buying.

And we know how to get your message in front of them, no matter how many barriers stand in your way.

Tipping the Odds in Your Favor

Like anything else in Marketing and Sales, there's no guarantee that a particular strategy or tactic will work. But if you've already tried everything else - or you simply don't want to waste time and money on techniques that you know won't work - call us.

At, we know how to get you in the door - no matter how securely it's locked.

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